5 Things Parents of Archers should have.

should have Items for 

Parents of Archers.

As the new year is starting, there are sure to be new archers and parents new to the sport of archery. It is a rewarding and memorable experience and with these items and tip, it might make it a bit more comfortable as well.

This is are the list of things that we think will help the kids and the parents’ experience when competing in tournaments, especially in our beloved warm and humid Malaysia.

Archers Studio Junior team, Competing at the ATL Championship


1. Foldable Chairs/Stools

Ask any experienced archer or parents of archers, this item is always in their car whenever going to training and competitions. The reason, I think is quite clear and self explanatory.
Standing in the hot sun is not fun and tiring, especially for the archers. These foldable chairs are rather cheap and comfortable as well.
Every time waiting for the other sequence of archers to shoot or during a break, the chair really helps, and especially in larger tournaments, the organiser will not be able to provide chair for everyone.

Archers and coaches from Archers Studio having a break during competition.\

2. Ice box/Cooler box

This should also not be a surprise. As a physical and mental sport, hydration is very important. Personally as an archers, I have been through the effects of being dehydrated can do to an archer during a competition as both side of my chest cramped up and forced me to take a short break.
Due to the hot weather and burning sun archers usually have to brave through in competitions, cold water and better yet un-carbonated isotonic drinks are a must to help keep the kids hydrated throughout the competition. The ice is also useful for other purposes as well which will come is the next item.

    The ones with wheels are a good investment, trust me.

3. Towel/Facetowel

This is a multi purpose item. On the archery shooting line, it is usually hot and humid especially here in tropical Malaysia. So, a face towel is needed to wipe of the sweat and grime during or in between rounds.

It also has a second use of covering your equipment. Although I sorely wish it is not so, there is culture of people tampering with other archers’ equipment. So, it is a good habit to cover up your equipment to deter people from touching your archers’ equipment.

4. Cap/Hat/Umbrella

Needless to say, we all know the use of these things, but that does not take away from their importance. Again I cannot emphasise enough that this is very important again in our very sunny, and rainy region. So, protection against the elements is a good thing to have.

The archers and coaches either wearing a hat, a cap or standing behind an umbrella.

As they say, “Sediakan payung sebelum hujan”, meaning it is better to be prepared before the problems happens.

5. Small toolbox + first aid kit

As a archery parents, you are in part, your children’s coach. So be ready to make some on field repairs and adjustments. So, the tool box should have things like pliers, a cutter, scissors, hex keys and glue.

As far as injuries goes, although we hope for the best, we prepare as best as we can for the worst. So, standard first aid kit will apply, with additions of sports tape or sorts for sore and stuff, some medicated oil, maybe ice packs or hot packs for muscle pain and cramps.

Image result for archery tool box


Overall, joining competitions are fun, educational and induce growth with the children. So, it is best to be prepared to make the experience as smooth and as comfortable we can make so that both the kids and the parent may enjoy their day out in field.

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