Archery Class

Our students during archery class

Archers Studio is first and foremost an archery training center. We provide classes as well as coaching for archery regardless of discipline. We cater to traditional, recurve, barebow and compound shooter. We are very passionate about archery and love to spread the knowledge of archery to those interested.

Class Details

Each class or session will be instructed by an experienced coach either personally or in small groups.

Class Length: 1 Hour
Size: 1 – 5 students


The classes in Archers Studio are separated by slots and spread out throughout the day and is available everyday.

Time slot: Morning 8.00 am
Evening 4.00 pm
Night 8.00 pm
Days: Everyday except special holidays and during special events or occasion.

We do have our own syllabus for teaching, and for those interested, we also conduct exams and provide certificates for those who passes the exam.

For those who are interested, you can contact us here

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