Archers Studio Archery Center

What is Archers Studio Archery Center?

Archers Studio is an archery pro-shop as well as an indoor archery range. We mainly focus on traditional archery but do not limit ourselves to that and also provide services for moderns recurve, and compound archery as well in the near future.

What services do we provide?

We are mainly an archery school. We have classes for traditional archery as well as modern recurve archery with proper coaches. We also have a pro-shop which archers need, from buying bows, to arrows as well as equipment customization and tuning.

We are in the Klang Valley and open until late.

To those who find it difficult to find time to practice archery and to go far away to buy and tune your equipment, we are open everyday, and until late at night. So, if you want to practice while it is raining at night on the outside, we offer the PERFECT place for you.

For more information or details,

Please contact us at,

+60122570809 Shazhakim
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