5 Reasons to teach children archery

5 Reasons to teach children archery

Archery is an ancient sport that is still alive a practised worldwide. It is treated as a sport, means to hunt as well as weapons in some places.

Archery as a sport can give so much to the development of a child. From physical to emotional benefits, we will explore them in this article.

  1. Builds strength

  • It seems obvious, as in any sport. But archery will help develop and increase the strength of your children. With proper training and form, archery will help strengthen a child’s upper body strength.
  • Pulling the bow string, pushing the bow, walking to collect the arrows as well as all the other exercises related to archery is a great exercise.
  • Although, it is to be said that archery will tend to develop the dominant half of the body more than the other. So, it is advisable to switch around between right handed and left handed shooting for righties and vice versa for lefties in order to grow evenly.

    2. Adds Confidence

  • With archery, comes with the opportunity to compete in local, state or even national level competitions.
  • Within these competition are the place for the children to gain confidence, face challenges, nerves and pressure.
  • The responsibility to score their own shots, be witnesses to the other archers on the lane and communicate with the fellow archers all help to improve the confidence of the child.
  • With a good coach, and the right mentality, one can gain confidence not just through winning, but by creating objectives and achieve them during a competition.

    3. Build social skills

  • to practice archery, one usually has to be registered to a club or take up classes with coaches, participate in competitions and such.
  • This creates an environment that one has to learn to communicate with other archers, coaches, judges and more.
  • Target sharing, knowledge sharing and others all creates opportunities for the archers to develop their social skill and from personal experience can change a introverted and socially shy child to be more outspoken and open to conversations.

    4. Motor skills and logic development

  • As a physical sport, and focusing on hand eye coordination. Any child that learns archery will start off with learning to control their hand and synchronise with their vision.
  • Going to target archery, they need to develop their strength and motor skill in order to achieve good execution and shots.
  • While logic is needed to solve problems such as facing the wind and arrows not hitting the centre. After knowing the basics, it is up to the archer to determine the reason their shots are not on target. This could be caused by many different factors, and logical thinking is needed especially during tournaments where one need to solve it on the fly.

    5. Discipline

  • Archery is a sport of discipline. Archers wanting to compete need to learn to follow the rules and regulations in archery.
  • From proper code of conduct to proper dress code, an archer is expected to be disciplined enough follow all the rules or face a penalty.
  • These rules are enforced in all stages but with different levels of strictness. It educates the children to be disciplined at all times and especially on the shooting line.

Overall, there are more reasons to teach your children archery, and we have only listed a few. It is a sport that one can practice from childhood until after retirement. It connects people internationally and creates close knit communities. So, bring your kids to the closest archery range and get them shooting.

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